There has been some questions come up recently about the blueprints and the equipment sets and vigilante equipment sets so I thought I would delve into this for everyone.  Currently there are four (4) different Mercenaries available to attack in the game.  Two (2) are used to collect equipment sets and two (2) are used to collect vigilante equipment sets.


  • Shredder will give Topaz gems used for Terrorizer Set
  • The Ghost will give Morganite gems used for the Kingpin Set


  • Venom will give you Black Jade gems used for the Vigilante Developing Set
  • White Shark will give you Silver Ingot used for the Vigilante Street King Set

Each Mercenary has four (4) different levels you can attack and these levels are unlocked by visiting the Investment Center and clicking on Mercenary.  At first I wouldn’t focus on unlocking all of the levels of the Mercenaries and I would recommend focusing on turf defense and crew capabilities when growing your turf.


Whenever you hit a mercenary you are able to collect many different rewards which makes the additional energy it takes to hit them worth it. Mercenaries cost you 10 energy every attack and you can hit them several times to take them down to 0%.

The typical rewards for Mercenaries include:

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  • Cargo
  • Cash
  • Red Wine
  • VIP Points
  • Leader Experience Points
  • Speed Ups
  • Advanced Chips
  • Vigilante Experience
  • Blueprint Fragments
  • Rare Gems

While all these are important to your growth, the most important ones are the rare gems, they are very hard to get, and usually requires a high number of them to build higher quality equipment.

In addition to the rare gems, i have to mention the Blueprint fragments.

In order to get 1 Blueprint, that can be used to create a specific type of equipment, you will need to have 100 fragments.